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I’m John Collins

…you are whoever you choose to be!

I started out in broadcasting at BBC Scotland in January 1985 as an Audio Assistant, but spent a lot of that time on attachment as a producer in Radio News and in what was then called ‘Light Entertainment’, making programmes for Radio Scotland and Radio Five.

There then followed a spell as a DJ at Forth FM in Edinburgh, a Sony award and then a management career initially at Forth, then with IRG at both 96.3 Qfm and Scot FM. These ended with franchise-high audience figures and both companies being sold on.

That was followed by a short spell representing Dalet in the UK followed by a return to radio managing UKRD’s loss-making “Clan FM” to its biggest audiences and revenues and being part of the group that won the West Lothian License for River FM. Both stations were ultimately sold to another radio group who tinkered with the programming and robbed the stations of the ability to trade away their accumulated debts.

You will soon find airchecks and pictures from my radio work here.

Now? I’m back on air with a daily Drivetime show at Chris Country, a late show for the Hospital Radio Royal and the occasional touch of depping for Bauer’s Greatest Hits network in Scotland. Details here.

Then there’s the “day job”. I lecture – in radio naturally – at City of Glasgow College, in the heart of one of the greatest cities on Earth. Currently I work with students at all stages from raw beginners straight out of school all the way to HND (one year short of an undergraduate degree). I’m also part of the team at the SQA that develops and manages radio qualifications.



Yes. To Moira since July 2016. No kids. Two dogs – Tibetan Terriers Toby & Tilly


A grey Mazda MX-5. My first car eventually became a prime bit of evidence in a murder case in the north of Scotland. It was a Ford Fiesta (B231 PDY). I get a shiver when I see it on the news!

What’s your house like?

Our street looks a bit like Brookside Close! We’re in a detached with a newly remodelled garden. Inside it’s reasonably tidy, but it’s amazing how much mess two “adults” and two dogs can make!


Whenever possible! Disney in Orlando’s a favourite – 31 trips in 28 years. Two were for work though: once with Forth FM and once with Scot FM. We’re part of Disney’s Vacation Club – a kind of time share, so I suppose there’ll be more trips ahead! Other favourite destinations include Nashville, Copenhagen and anywhere I can go on a cruise ship!

Fave TV Programmes?

Difficult, though “The West Wing” has to be the best drama series ever made. I’m also a huge fan of Grey’s Anatomy, The Wire, 30 Rock & Boston Legal.. I watch a lot of BBC News 24Sky News and really like grazing on Netflix. (All via Sky Q). Also the NFL on Sunday nights is great and NFL Game Pass even better.


Love it. All of it (except trad jazz!). Country is my favourite though. Stevie Wonder’s also really important to me, especially “Songs In The Key of Life” (why did George Michael have to do that to “As”?).

Radio Presenters?

I’m in a naff minority – I actually like Simon Bates and Steve Wright! We could do with more of Bates’ clever way of mixing speech and music together up here in Scotland. I’m lucky enough to love the station I work for but I’ll not single anyone out!

Other favourite jocks? In no particular order Derek Cooper, Bobby Hain, Scott Wilson, Dougie Jackson, Donny Hughes, Alison Craig, Tonya Macari, Les Ross, Mike Riddoch.

Name: John Collins

Birthday: April 20th 1963

Favorite Colour: Yellow

Favorite BookBirdsong – Sebastian Faulks

Favorite Movie: The Lives of Others

Favorite Food: Steak Frites

Favorite Quote: “it’s only radio – nobody died”

Any more questions? email me!